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More Than Just Packaging

Individual customisation of your products at Falkenhorster Verpackungen GmbH

Do you have an idea or a plan to skilfully market your product, making it appeal to your customers? And are you looking for a packaging service provider who can advise and assist you every step of the way? We can offer you the perfect solution with the customisation and packaging of your products in specially manufactured sales packaging.

We can customise your products, whether this is for sales promotion at the Point of Sale (PoS) or for the creation of special promotional sets and special offers.

Irrespective of the size or scope of the order, thanks to modern personnel management and a production area of over 700 m2 with conveyor and individual workstations, we are able to supply the smallest volumes of customised and contract packaging, but can also handle large-scale orders.

Our experience, our flexible approach and the fact that we use state of the art systems and machinery, all helps to guarantee a qualitatively high value result – as already proven in the production of folding boxes.

Our Range of Customisation Services

  • Customisation of labour-intensive packaging right down to the finished end product
  • Customisation of folding boxes produced in-house and of packaging supplied by the customer
  • Contract packaging, from the smallest volumes to large-scale orders
  • Picking of goods and provision of multi-part sets and packaging
  • Product identification using labelling and inkjet coding according to customer specification
  • Batch tracing, e.g. for the cosmetics industry
  • Cellophane wrapping of individual packages and packaging units
  • Full service, from materials procurement to storage and delivery as per customer requirement
  • EDP-supported goods management system
Seamless quality assurance throughout the entire packaging process is self-evident at Falkenhorster Verpackungen GmbH, as is the secure and careful handling of customer property.

We always value highly …

  • the secure and hygienically safe handling of sensitive products
  • the intensive training of our staff to meet special customer requirements
  • the fast and extremely high value production of products

At Falkenhorster Verpackungen GmbH you can be sure that your products are in safe hands. Why not give us a try!

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