Perfect Planning

Design and sample production: the first production stage in the folding box manufacturing process

High demands are made on packaging, both in terms of look and feel. A folding box needs to look good. Packaging must also be sturdy and needs to be the right size – custom-built for the respective product. For these reasons we always check dimensional accuracy and functionality prior to each production run.

Which of the many different functions – in addition to the right design – does your packaging also need to provide?


  • It should arouse the customer's interest – whether this is due to a striking design or an unusual construction
  • It should protect the product
  • It should be practical to handle (storage, transport, opening and closing/sealing)
  • The ratio of packaging size to packaging contents must be appropriate
  • Compatibility with automated machinery for processing on automatic packaging lines must also be guaranteed
  • It should also be easy to handle as manual packaging.

So that your product packaging will also satisfy all these requirements, we can develop the perfect sales packaging for your product in collaboration with your company, and will gladly advise you on selecting the packaging material, packaging design as well as any possible finishes.

As an additional service, we can also provide true-to-scale plotter samples on request. This means your packaging will undergo one further suitability check prior to production.
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