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Folding box production: the third production stage in the packaging manufacturing process

After extensive planning and designing of the product packaging, the actual sales packaging is produced in the folding box manufacturing process. The printing, stamping and gluing of the folding boxes are all performed in-house.

Step by step, your high quality cardboard packaging is created in our production facilities – right down to the very last, precise detail - and is then ready to show off your products to the world in a perfect presentation format.

Whether it is packaging for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products or even gift packaging, we can provide the right folding solution, supplying top quality cardboard packaging that can cope with your demands.

1. Printing the Folding Boxes

Printing the folding boxes – a look inside the inking system of a printing machine| folding boxes & packaging made of card | Falkenhorster Faltschachtel GmbH
The first stage in folding box production is printing the folding box – because sales packaging needs to look as interesting and attractive as possible for the respective customers.

2. Punching the Folding Boxes

Punching the folding boxes | folding boxes & packaging made of card | Falkenhorster Faltschachtel GmbH
During the next stage, the printed folding boxes are punched out of the printed sheets. This stage also demands maximum precision in order to produce high quality sales packaging that can then undergo further processing.

3. Gluing the Folding Boxes

Gluing the folding boxes – a look at the gluing machine | folding boxes & packaging made of cardboard | Falkenhorster Faltschachtel GmbH
In a final stage, the printed and punched folding boxes are glued at the designated points. This is a key requirement of sales packaging, to give the necessary stability and durability.
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