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The A to Z of folding box production terms


Automatic base (also known as a quick base or folding base)

  • Base closure of a folding box, which is bonded at 2 points. This ensures high stability and makes the box easy to erect (ECMA A 0160).

Braille writing

  • A system of writing using raised points, which visually impaired people can read by touching. The registered name of the preparation must be written in Braille on pharmaceutical folding boxes.


  • The term for paper with a grammage above 200 g/m². Single layer or multi-layer card can be manufactured. Multi-layer card is mainly used for packaging and for graphic work.

Cellulose card (GZ)

  • Surface, inlay and rear wood-free and white. High quality wood pulp card.

Chromo board (GC)

  • Surface wood-free and coated white, inlay light, with light or white rear. Wood pulp board. Frequently used in packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.

Chromo duplex board (GD)

  • Surface wood-free and coated white, with grey inlay and rear. Economical chipboard with a high percentage of recycled paper. Well suited for the manufacture of folding boxes.

Chromo triplex board (GT)

  • Surface wood-free and coated white, inlay grey, rear white. Chipboard. Ideal for the production of folding boxes.


  • The four basic colours in the European scale: cyan, magenta, yellow, key. Creation of the conventional four colour printing.

Corrugated card

  • Multi-layered packaging material comprised of smooth and corrugated paper webs. Relatively light and stable, mainly used as transport packaging.

CTP (computer to plate)

  • Digital transfer procedure of print data from the computer to the printing plate. From this point onward, printed products are produced exactly as before.


  • Stand or decoration used to promote sales; holds the goods or accompanies the goods as a floor or shelf display. The design of the display is based on the specific product.

EAN code

  • A barcode which can be read by a machine to identify articles.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

  • A guideline for the purpose of quality assurance in production sequences and production environments for the production of pharmaceuticals, active substances, medical products and their packaging.

Machine direction

  • The direction in which the paper runs through the paper machine during the manufacturing process. When the paper runs through the machine, the fibres are mainly aligned in parallel (lengthways) to the machine direction on the filter. The machine direction (long or short grain) is important to the processor as the paper fibres will expand either vertically or horizontally as a result of the effects of moisture.

Punching contour

  • The design drawing for a folding box. Used as an open source file (e.g. EPS or .ai file) in graphics programs as a template for the creation of the design.


  • Packaging prototype, also known as a white sample or blank sample. Samples are manufactured on a plotter at Falkenhorster Faltschachtel.

Solid board

  • Umbrella term for all varieties of solid board and card.

Two-piece boxes

  • Two-part packaging consisting of a top and bottom section. May be manufactured using a pure folding design or with side section bonding.
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