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Important information on the manufacture of printed materials using the sheet-fed offset printing process

To make the preparation and transfer of the information for printing your customised folding boxes as smooth a process as possible, a few points should be taken into account when creating print data. We have listed these points below.

If you do have any further questions, then the Falkenhorster Faltschachtel team will be happy to help you by telephone or email.


  • Please do not make any changes to the punching contour which we have provided. If you need to modify the dimensions, please get in touch with your contact.


  • Please provide print data for the folding boxes in CMYK mode.
  • If you work with special colours, please specify the exact colour designation (HKS, Pantone).
  • Please use solid colours to ensure that codes are legible.


  • Please convert all text in the print data for your folding box into paths – then no fonts will be necessary. Otherwise please provide the corresponding fonts.


  • Please create the data with a minimum bleed of 3 mm.


  • The print data for the folding box should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Data format:

  • We can process print data as open source data, EPS and print PDF without a punching outline. What is important is that all links are provided (for proofing please provide the PDF view).

Data transfer:

  • Via email: The print data files sent by email should be no larger than 10 MB.
  • Via FTP server: If you have your own FTP server, then please provide us with the corresponding access data so that we can download your folding box print files. You can also register on our website and upload your print data to our server.
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