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Interesting documents and information from Falkenhorster Faltschachtel GmbH

Information on our General Terms of Business, a printing guide to help you prepare your print data, or even a look at our certification – at the Falkenhorster Information Centre we have compiled all documents and information that might be useful to you.

Printing Guide

Information for the manufacture of your printed products

To make the preparation and transfer of the information required to print your customised folding boxes as smooth a process as possible, a few points should be taken into account when creating print data.


The A to Z folding box production terms

Automatic base? Chromo triplex card? Or even GMP and CTP? Are you looking for a definition or a brief explanation of a specialised term from the folding box manufacturing industry? Here are the key terms at a glance...

Our General Terms of Business

General Sales and Delivery Terms

Transparency and openness – as the basis of any good business relationship – take pride of place at Falkenhorster Verpackungen. For this reason, all our customers are welcome to take a look at our General Terms of Sale and Delivery.


Quality takes pride of place at Falkenhorster Faltschachtel

The quality policy at Falkenhorster Faltschachtel covers both the safe management of all operational processes and the supply of packaging and services that satisfies our stringent quality requirements. Because we aim to offer our customers only the best products and services.
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